Welcome to Country

Traditional Welcome & Acknowledgement of Ancestors

Welcome to Country is permission for a person from a different area to either pass or enter through Country – performed before speeches or events as respect to our traditional owners. By having a Welcome to Country experience, you are acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land on which you stand, and pay respects to the elders past, present and emerging. Today it is a common protocol for businesses, official openings, local governments, conferences, and ceremonies.

We are available to perform Welcome to Country at any time of the year.

Who we perform for:

Corporate & Government


Community Events


What is Included?

  • Traditional Welcome

  • Acknowledgement of Ancestors

  • Smoking Ceremony (optional extra)

  • Didgeridoo Play (optional extra)

Where we can perform:

Welcome to Country is performed in the Yuin Nation boundaries between Hawkesbury River to the Mallacoota River. Any experience performed outside the Yuin Nation boundary would need permission from clans and/or tribes from the respective area.

Check out our Welcome Package!

Welcome to Country + Smoking Ceremony + Didgeridoo Performance for a fixed price.

Optional add on Aboriginal dancers.

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