Aboriginal Dance Troupe Performance

Showcasing our culture through movement

Gumaraa dance performances and music are a vibrant and captivating way of showcasing Australia’s rich Indigenous culture.

Traditional dance was usually performed at ceremonies for a number of different reasons – one being to ensure a plentiful supply of plant and animal foods. The dances would imitate the movements of the animals they hunted.

Our dance performances are paired with traditional Aboriginal Music, which includes the Didgeridoo, clapsticks, and traditional singing. The music often imitates the sounds of animals. Traditional Aboriginal music is used to mark special occasions and to pass down stories from generations to generations.

Who we perform for:

Corporate & Government


Community Events


What is Included?

  • Traditional Dance Performance with full dance troupe

  • Traditional Aboriginal Music (clapsticks, didgeridoo, singing)

Where we can perform

Our Aboriginal Dance Troop performs in the Yuin Nation boundaries between Hawkesbury River to the Mallacoota River. Any experience performed outside the Yuin Nation boundary needs permission from clans and/or tribes from the respective area.

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Welcome to Country + Smoking Ceremony + Didgeridoo Performance for a fixed price.

Optional add on Aboriginal dance troupe.

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