Aboriginal Art Gallery

Traditional Aboriginal Paintings by Richard Campbell

Indigenous art is centred on story telling. It is used as a tool to convey knowledge of the land, events and beliefs of the Aboriginal people. The use of symbols is an alternate way of writing down stories of cultural significance, teaching survival and use of the land. All of our art is created by self taught Aboriginal painter, Richard Campbell. Richard’s paintings are available for viewing and for sale.

How Much?

Pricing depends on the size and detail of the painting. Richard’s paintings are available to be custom made, and other pieces are available to buy on the spot. Contact us for more information on pricing.

How Long?

For custom orders, time will vary depending on the size and detail of the painting. Paintings can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

How to Order

You can enquire about buying a pre-made artwork or a custom order through the form below.

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