Cultural Competency Program

Aboriginal Cultural Training for Educators

Raising cultural awareness can help others recognise and respond to their unconscious or hidden bias, based on stereotypes and unfair assumptions.

Cultural Sensitivity training can help ensure that all employees understand what is considered appropriate.

We offer two options for our 2-3 hour programs – in office or On-Country. Programs can start at any time that suits you.


Knowing and understanding history, culture, customs and beliefs


Awareness, authenticity and openness to examine own values and beliefs


Culturally appropriate action and behaviour

On Country Experience

Any time (2-3 hours duration)

  • Welcome to Country

  • Educators introduction

  • Traditional smoking ceremony

  • Discussion of cultural diversity

  • Traditional bush tucker / medicine walk

  • Morning tea

  • Men’s and Women’s business

  • Paddle upriver (river trip)

  • Discussion – Optional lunch

In Office

Any time (2-3 hours duration)

  • Welcome to country

  • Educators introduction

  • Discussion of cultural diversity

  • Morning tea

  • Artefacts

  • Discussion/Family connections

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