About Us

Who Are We?

We are an Aboriginal tour group and education company based in the Illawarra region of NSW. We deliver authentic Indigenous experiences for all, based on the traditions of the Dharawal and Yuin Nation. We offer our experiences in 3 parts – programs, workshops and experiences. We have some programs and workshops designed for anyone in the community who is eager to learn more about our culture in the local area, like through our canoeing programs and school programs. We have other workshops and programs that are tailored for people of Indigenous heritage to learn cultural competency and to reconnect with culture through learning their native language, mentoring programs, and much more.

We perform at corporate functions and openings, community events, schools, and more. We are able to do a Welcome to Country, traditional smoking ceremony, and traditional Aboriginal dance troupe performances.

What is Our Aim?

Our objectives are to empower, preserve and teach Aboriginal culture, increase recognition of Aboriginal culture in the wider Australian and global community, and to grow Indigenous tourism.

Gumaraa is here to teach those who want to become better educated, and would like to know about the land they are travelling on or live on. We also aim to promote cultural healing for emerging and future generations, and teach them life skills that can be passed down from generation to generation. Our mentors are qualified, experienced, and always eager to meet new people and create bonds that last a lifetime. Indigenous culture has been around for 40,000 years, and we want to teach this culture to preserve it for another 40,000 years!

Where are we Based?

We are based on the South Coast, NSW – on Dharawal land. Our programs, workshops and experiences can all be offered in this region. Our school programs are tailored to the curriculum of each stage of school, so the experiences and lessons we offer mean teachers can be tick off the syllabus! A lot of our programs and workshops are designed to take place in an On-country area, which you can find on our program pages.

How To Get Involved

Please enquire through our website if any of our programs, workshops or experiences interest you.

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