Bush Tucker & Medicine Workshop

Learn about native plants and their purpose

Aboriginal Australians have been surviving on bush tucker for thousands of years. Bush tucker refers to a wide range of Australian native plants with edible fruits, seeds, nuts and more. Each one has ceremonial or cultural importance. Our bush tucker workshops teach you all about different native plants and how they can be prepared, eaten and made for medicinal purposes. This workshop teaches the participant bush survival skills and how our ancestors used these methods and why.

What is Included?

  • Learn about all different native plants

  • Identify different native plants

  • Learn ceremonial and cultural importance

  • Minimum 4 hours

  • Max. 20 per group


Our bush tucker workshops are appropriate for ages 5+. Each bush tucker workshop is done outside On Country. We provide any necessary equipment needed. Contact us to find out more.

Traditional Bush-tucker / Medicine Walk

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1 hour Killalea Regional Park Aboriginal Cultural Education

Interested in our traditional bush-tucker / medicine walk?

During this one hour Aboriginal bush-tucker / medicine walk participants will be guided through the natural landscape to learn about Indigenous plants and their traditional uses for food and medicine.

Suitable for all ages. Please note, Killalea Regional Park is accessible for those with wheelchairs, mobility scooters and prams, however areas are grassy/gravel and uneven.

Contact us about our bush tucker & medicine workshop

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