Cultural Tours

Aboriginal Cultural Tours in the outdoors

Our cultural tours are designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the area and the traditions of Dharawal culture. Maybe you’re on holiday here and want to learn more about our home… or maybe you’ve lived here for years and think it’s time to know more about the land you live on. Whatever the case, our cultural tours consist of a mix of our best and most interesting programs.

Get a group together and join us for 4 hours of fun!


  • Traditional Welcome/Smoking ceremony

  • Bush Tucker/Medicine Walk

  • Artefacts and Weaponry Talk

  • Ochre and Dance

  • Didgeridoo Playing

  • Stories of the Dreaming

  • Canoeing


  • Killalea Regional Park

  • Bundeena Royal National Park

  • Blackbutt Forest Reserve

  • Carss Park

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