Design Story: In this vibrant design, the colours of yellow, red, and orange, blaze like the sun, symbolising the warmth, energy, and vitality of our culture. Much like our other design (Many Waters), each meeting place, depicted in these fiery hues, represents a unique community within our culture, connected by intricate patterns that symbolise our shared heritage and interconnectedness. These meeting places are lively hubs where stories are told, dances are performed, and traditions are passed down through generations. From the largest gatherings to the smallest circles, each meeting place embodies the spirit of our culture and the importance of coming together as one community.

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful addition to your wardrobe, consider purchasing an Aboriginal designed product. All Gumaraa’s product designs are based off self-taught Aboriginal painter, Richard George Campbell.

Our products are designed with vibrant colours and intricate patterns and each design has its own unique story and meaning. Not only do our designs look great, but they also have a deeper significance by representing a connection to the land and to the Aboriginal people who have lived on it for thousands of years.

Product Information: 

  • Authentic Aboriginal designs
  • Fully sublimated design on Polyester fabric
  • Long sleeve, Hooded Jumper, with kangaroo pocket
  • Unisex sizing and design